Dance Workshop / Curated by Tânia Carvalho and Luís Guerra

by Elena Castilla


With the resumption of the company's work, the Dancing with a Difference welcomes, within the scope of the Curatorship of Tânia Carvalho and Luís Guerra, the dancer Elena Castilla.

Graduated from Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa, post-graduated in Artistic Expression and Dance in Teaching Pedagogy. Elena performs a parallel work between creation / interpretation and teaching. As a pedagogue, she is interested in the construction of an artistic creation platform where the participants investigate and explore with and her body, performing group body practices linked to perception, space / time / subject relationship. 

Elena Castilla will be with us between September 14 and September 25, 2020, where she will explore and deepen the potential of the dancers of our company. 

It will certainly be two weeks of intense work! 

Dancing with a Difference is a structure financed by, in the 2020-2021 biennium, the Portuguese Republic - XXII Government / Direction - Geral das Artes 

In 2020 by the Regional Government of Madeira through the Regional Directorate for Education and the Regional Directorate for Culture and also by the Funchal City Council. 

Dates: September 14th to 25th, 2020

Training Hours: 30 hoursTrainer: Elena Castilla

Location: Market Warehouses

Workshop com Elena Castilla

Workshop com Elena Castilla

Published at 22 September, 2020