Workshop: The body in performance

by Vânia Rovisco


Workshop "The body in performance" 

Having concentrated her work and research oriented by improvisation in composition, the performer Vânia Rovisco combined the experience she acquired in the work carried out in the context of the art gallery, from which notions about presence emerged.

After experiencing how different a body on the stage is built in opposition to a body installed in space, such an experience led her to pursue these different movement inquiries. 

Both paths, fully valid in the process approach, have been explored. 

In this workshop, the interpreter and trainer explored how to deal with decisions, accidents and experiences, always with potential awareness or loss of energy, making body and performance work solidify. 

The activities were divided between an intense practice of the body, stimulating the senses for space and time, activating it and also causing this body to overflow into a relationship of composition through the installation of itself in improvisation. 

Knowing what to retain as material informs us about what work is, as well as knowing what not to retain also informs us about what it is not. 

Date: 7 to 11 October 2019

Orientation: Vânia Rovisco

Training Hours: 15 

Project financed by the Ministry of Culture / General Direction of the Arts



Published at 07 November, 2019