Workshop - Sound in movement / movement in sound

by Jonas Runa


Workshop "Sound in movement / movement in sound"

Electronic music and contemporary dance





Through a set of author software called "Invisible Instruments", it was sought that, in the same person, the dancer and the musician reveal themselves simultaneously: each gesture has a sound result. From this union also resulted the impossibility of distinguishing composer and choreographer - a non-hierarchical model of artistic creation.

Contents : Presentation and theoretical contextualization of the concepts of the Workshop. Technical characteristics of interactive models. Interdependent relations between sound, movement and light.Use of "Invisible Instruments" (portable applications with touch sensitive keys).


Date: January 23-27, 2017

Trainer: Jonas Runa

Training Hours: 25 hours (presential)

Place: São Martinho's Gymnasium / Funchal.


Workshop "Sound in movement / movement in sound"

Published at 09 April, 2018