Workshop - Body and Intuition

by João Garcia Miguel


Workshop "Body and Intuition" 

Our body is a process of permanently updating its transit between the interior in its relationship with the exterior ¬ and vice versa. These processes link the body with time and space and open it up to a relationship with others. The body lives in the midst of these times that transport it to creative states when it becomes aware of them. Being permanently in this creative state is a natural imperative of the body. How can this permanent creative state be encouraged? How to make this type of creative process become an action system and be part of each gesture, each sound of the artist's body? 

The investigation and development of these intuitive patterns - which bring the body closer to being in a dream state and / or permanently vigilant visions - is an opening to a place of access to images of oneself and worlds that bring it closer to your unconscious. From the opening of this space of visions and communication with the spectator, the bodies are illuminated and staged. It is as if both, actor or dancer and spectator, become observers participating in an "inner vision" staged by both. 

We propose to develop these individual cosmogonies based on sound and archetypal images as basic materials. In this sense, I search in each body for what, in the absence of a better term, I define as a “musicalization” of existence. It is as if the body has abandoned its condition as an instrument and has become the presence of a vibration or flowing energy. If it became a deaf song that you hear without being heard. This unprecedented body is made audible and visible. And perhaps it can be said, transforming the body into a sensitive organ that allows it, and whoever contacts it, to hear and see the unprecedented, but also to itself, as one who hears and sees what he feels. This invocation of the artist's body, as an opening, or creation, to listen to his body and the world, is a quality that imposes the existence of a common territory. This staging of the world is an opening up to the belonging of, or at least, becoming accessible for a moment to the undifferentiated. The passage from chaos to the cosmos. 

It is on this maze of concepts that João Garcia Miguel proposed to work with the bodies and desires of the dancers who apply for training. 

Date: 08 to 12 January 2018

Trainer: João Garcia Miguel

Training Hours: 13

Location: São Matinho Gym - Funchal



Published at 09 April, 2018