Reciclando a Cena (Recycling the Scene)

by Maurício Freitas


"Reciclando a cena" (Recycling the Scene)


National Youth Initiatives

Youth in Action Program 2014



The project was based on the theme of the three R's (reduce, recycle and reuse), with the aim of fostering citizenship and active participation, by holding several workshops and recreational activities focused on the importance of recycling, reusing and transforming different materials, which culminated with the presentation of a show that had its scenery and props made from the techniques learned during the various workshops and activities.

This project aimed to integrate the population already served by Dançando com a Diferença and other publics, namely children and teenagers, in order to promote social cohesion and mutual aid bonds.

The workshops and other project activities took place between March 17 and May 4, 2014. At the conclusion of the project, on May 5, an exhibition of the work performed and a show were held.



Duration: 4 Months (03-02-2014 / 31-05-2014)

Promoter: Maurício Freitas

Tutor: Henrique Amoedo


Activities Performed:

Workshops: Trash into Decoration, Creating Puppets out of Paper Pulp, Turning Costumes into Props, Creating Costumes, Creating Prop Scenarios, and Creating Merchadising




Reciclando a cena (Recycling the Scene)

Reciclando a cena (Recycling the Scene)

Published at 08 April, 2018