Por Delicadeza

by Henrique Amoedo


"Por Delicadeza"


An initiative of the Teatro Viriato Theater, within the scope of the action plan

of the Conselho Local de Ação Social (Local Council of Social Action) (CLAS), financed by the Câmara Municipal de Viseu (Municipal Council of Viseu),

in partnership with the Grupo Dançando com a Diferença Group.


"Por Delicadeza": the Inclusive Dance for various disabilities it is a medium-duration project in the area of ​​Inclusive Dance. It was developed for a group of people with various disabilities, institutionalized and non-institutionalized, within the region of Viseu.

It works profoundly the dance experience with all its participants, regardless whether they have or not any type and/or previous connection to the issues involving the disability.

It brings together people with various disabilities, as well as people without disabilities, in the same work group, breaking the medical/specialist tendency to separate people by areas of disability. The project and the consequence of the work already experienced in 2014 was directed by the choreographer Henrique Amoedo. “Dançando com a Diferença – ROAD” brought together users of seven institutions in Viseu. It served as an analysis and defined parameters for the realization of a more risky, demanding and lasting project. This allowed more consistent results in the participants directly involved, but also in the families and therapists who accompany the patients on a daily basis.

The project "Por Delicadeza" paved the way for the creation of the Grupo Dançando com a Diferença – Viseu Group. It brought together people with and without disabilities, under the artistic coordination of Henrique Amoedo, choreographer who introduced the concept of Inclusive Dance in Portugal.

“Por Delicadeza”, guided by Francisca Mata and Ricardo Meireles, involves 10 institutions to support people with disabilities and various community participants. An initiative of the Teatro Viriato Theater, within the scope of the action plan of the Conselho Local de Ação Social Action (CLAS), financed by Câmara Municipal de Viseu, in partnership with Dançando com a Diferença.    



Date: 3rd and 4th of December of 2016

Location: Teatro Viriato

Coordination: Henrique Amoedo | Dançando com a Diferença

Orientation: Francisca Mata and Ricardo Meireles

Por Delicadeza

Por Delicadeza

Published at 08 April, 2018