Dez Mil Seres

by Clara Andermatt


Dez Mil Seres


I look for the first time and I see a flat, repetitive, limited pattern. I look closer and I see with another sharpness, I accede to a mysterious place where I find other forms, an infinite number of variations. I see the detail, the cut, the filigree that emanates inner light. It takes time, wait, space, rest and will to see...

Now, inside this other place, I discover strange beings who dedicate themselves to actions, that only the imagination can give a sense.

(Companhia Clara Andermatt)



Artistic File

Choreography: Clara Andermatt


Dançando com a Diferença

Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo

Interpreter: Aléxis Fernandes, Bárbara Matos, Joana Caetano, Mickaella Dantas, Rui João Costa (and/or Pedro Alexandre Silva), Sofia Marote and Telmo Ferreira


Photography: Júlio Silva Castro

Original music / sound landscape: Jonas Runa

Collaboration of dramaturgy and stereograms: Jonas Runa

Phonetic poem: based on the poem “Ursonate” by Kurt Schwitters

Costume and light design: Maurício Freitas

Dressmaker: Fátima Trindade


Direction: AAAIDD – Associação dos Amigos da Arte Inclusiva – Dançando com a Diferença

Co-production: ACCCA - Companhia Clara Andermatt and Regional Directorate for Special Education and Rehabilitation

Co-funding: Nacional Reabilitation Institute


Duration: 50 minutes

Rated: all ages

World premiere: 08/11/2012   Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas    Calheta

Ten thousand Beings

Ten thousand Beings

Published at 21 September, 2017