Menina da Lua

by Bárbara Matos e Henrique Amoedo


Menina da Lua


A meeting of tenderness on stage...


"...Princess, sparkling eyes

Moon Girl

I want to see you clear

Lighting the night goddess of this love

The sky is your smile

On the white of your face

Irradiating tenderness...”

(Renato Motha)



Artistic File

Choreography (improvisation): Bárbara Matos and Henrique Amoedo

Soundtrack: Renato Motha / Maria Rita

Costume: Maurício Freitas

Light design: Henrique Amoedo and Maurício Freitas

Production: Regional Directorate of Special Education and Rehabilitation


Duration: 5,37 minutes

Rated: +3 years

World premiere: 05/12/2003    Funchal (Portugal)

Menina da Lua

Menina da Lua

Published at 02 April, 2018