Madeira. No centro da cor, o som.

by Henrique Amoedo


Madeira. No centro da cor, o som.



Island that the sea meets and defines.

Miracle created trough the clash of the force of nature with the tenacity of man.

Joy of a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds.

Tame waters where it mirrors the green of hope.

Hard lands sown with courage in brown and orange.

Yellow of gold and white of sugar with which the ambition was tinged.

The warmth of red running through blood and wine.

The sky flying through indigo and blue, dreams and adventures.

The confidence taken to the songs of work and the prayed songs.

The wind and the waves.

The trees and the fire.

The north and the south.


(Faria Paulino)



Artistic File

Artistic direction and choreography: Henrique Amoedo

Interpreter: Aléxis Fernandes, Bárbara Matos, Cristina Baptista, Diogo Freitas, Helena Ferreira, Isabel Teixeira, Joana Caetano, Joanna Ako, José Manuel Figueira, Maria Pereira, Natércia Kuprian, Nuno Borba, Pedro Alexandre Silva, Rui João Costa, Sofia Marote, Telmo Ferreira and Teresa Martins

Guest interpreter: Beatriz Graterol

Choreography assistant and rehearsal assistant: Telmo Ferreira and Joanna Ako


Wardrobe: Cristina Baptista, Nuno Borba and Telmo Ferreira

Music: Madeiran authors and Vítor Sardinha

Costume: Henrique Amoedo

Light design: Henrique Amoedo and Maurício Freitas

Photography: Júlio Silva Castro


Thanks to: Natércia Kuprian


Duration: 50 minutes

Rated: + 3 years

Absolute premiere: 05/06/2015    MUDAS. Museum of Contemporary Art    Calheta (Portugal)

Madeira. No centro da cor, o som.

Madeira. No centro da cor, o som.

Published at 21 September, 2017