Tempus Incertus

by Elisabete Monteiro


Tempus Incertus


Tempus Incertus, explores (unforeseen) events, anchored in the precarious solidity of temporary certainties.

These are dialogues of affection - encounters and misencounters - dualities on the way of being, in eloquences of gestures that contrast, complement or ignore. In an (un)predictable way?

It is the notion of an "exact uncertainty", as life itself - ephemeral, sublime and vulnerable. For a small nothing everything changes. For a brief moment, an "eternal return to itself".

(Elisabete Monteiro)



Artistic File

Choreography: Elisabete Monteiro

Soundtrack: Wim Mertens, Meredith Monk, Kronos Quartet, Michael Nyman and Antonio Vivaldi / Bobby McFerrin

Video-art: Alfredo Reis Deus (Arquimedes Produções Estereográficas)

Costume: Maurício Freitas

Dressmaker: Arminda Brazão

Scenic props: Maurício Freitas

Assembly of the scenic props: José João Miranda, team and trainees of the Technical Service of Training and Professional Integration of the Disabled

Light design: Maurício Freitas

Production: Regional Directorate of Special Education and Rehabilitation


World premiere: 03/02/2007  Calheta - Madeira (Portugal)

Tempus Incertus

Tempus Incertus

Published at 30 March, 2018