Romeu e Julieta

by Arthur Pita


Romeu e Julieta


The Capuleto family shows bravery and firmness. They have a strong and determined character as well as an opulent heritage.

The Monéquios, on the other hand, are a noble, snob and elegant family with monarchical roots. They have a strong, secure and confident posture.

Rival families, holders of grape varieties, that produce wine of excellent quality.

Romeu e Julieta, a classic, timeless, passionate, romantic, aggressive, beautiful and painful story.

A true paradox that joins hate and love, humor and drama to religion and profanity.

A physical and symmetrical spectacle, a challenge for the Dançando com a Diferença group that, in this work, juggles between the universes of Dance and Theater.

(Arthur Pita)



Artistic File

Direction and choreography: Arthur Pita

Based on the work of William Shakespeare

Soundtrack: The Pointer Sisters, Sergei Prokofiev, Charles Gounod, Caetano Veloso, Devendra Banhart, Antony, Lynch and Badalamenti



Mrs. Capuleto: Juliana Andrade

Julieta: Sónia Gouveia

Tebaldo: Pedro Henrique Amoedo

Nurse: Luísa Aguiar

Mr. Montéquio: António José Freitas

Mrs. Montéquio: Teresa Martins

Romeo: Ricardo Mendes

Mercúcio: Telmo Ferreira


Other characters:

Priest: José Manuel Figueira

Acolyte: Bárbara Matos

Blood: Sofia Marote

Singer: Joana Caetano


Costume: Ricardo Mendes

Dessmaker: Diva Nóbrega

Props (imitation jewelery, hats and eyeglasses): Ricardo Mendes

Props (cake, wine boxes, stearing wheel and driver glasses, poison/bottle): Maurício Freitas

Set: Maurício Freitas

Construction and assembly: Maurício Freitas, Fátima Trindade and Miguel Vasconcelos

Design and operation of light: Maurício Freitas

Design and operation of sound: Miguel Vasconcelos

Assistant rehearser and choreographic notation: Henrique Amoedo

Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo

Production: AAAIDD - Associação dos Amigos da Arte Inclusiva - Dançando com a Diferença


Duration: 45 minutes

Rated: +6 years

Absolute premiere: 23/10/2009   Casa das Mudas Centro das Artes   Calheta (Portugal)

Romeu e Julieta

Romeu e Julieta

Published at 30 March, 2018