by Paulo Ribeiro




I imagine that most of my colleagues have felt the same way I did when I was invited to create for the Dançando com a Diferença group, which is or was a huge apprehension.

With a vast experience working with professionals of multiple and recognized talents, we can suddenly feel completely disarmed and lost with an unknown reality.

In the first few days we are, or rather I was several times been hit by a pressing doubt that impelled me to give up. Then, little by little, an unpaired human quality replaced all doubts and gave place to a vital pulse full of genuine strength, will and desire to build an unique party, full of secrets, surprises and above all a discreet happiness that only those who know the true meaning of life can afford to celebrate.

We have been out-of-tune filled with a conviction that in a chronically anachronistic country the out-of-tune is a privilege of those who inside their chests have a beating heart.

(Paulo Ribeiro)

June / 2011


Excerpts from text of the writer and dance critic Claudia Galhós

"The gesture is sharing. Apart from the obvious movement of the body. And in unison, music and dance talk the same language in an encounter of many sounds, rhythms, signs of complicity, back and forth... These are variations of movements of the family of the affection in the search for living a wonderful dissonance.”

"The body that was always subject in the work of Paulo Ribeiro and Leonor Keil, is now, with Dançando com a Diferença a body inhabited with life. Human. So to see this subject, the eye must be ready to see beyond the obvious."

June / 2011



Artistic File

Creation: Paulo Ribeiro with the collaboration of Leonor Keil

Artistic direction: Henrique Amoedo

Interpreter: Bárbara Matos, Fátima Trindade, Joana Caetano, Juliana Andrade, Luísa Aguiar, Maurício Freitas, Mickaella Dantas, Pedro Henrique Amoedo and Telmo Ferreira


Music direction: DRUMMING GP with Miquel Bernat and António Serginho

Costume and light design: Paulo Ribeiro and Maurício Freitas

Dressmaker: Fátima Trindade

Rehearsal assistant: Henrique Amoedo

Rehearsal assistant / music: Juliana Andrade and Pedro Henrique Amoedo

Stage assistant: Fátima Trindade, Luísa Aguiar and Maurício Freitas

Operation of light: Maurício Freitas

Operation of sound: Miguel Vasconcelos


Creation in the Centro das Artes Global 


Duration: 50 minutes

Rated: all ages

Absolute premiere: 16/06/2011   Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas   Calheta (Portugal)



Published at 29 March, 2018