by Rui Lopes Graça



Our existence has a limited and limited duration. How do we live this time and take advantage of this possibility? We are annexed by a normative standard which, like with Mago, leads to individual annulment thus losing a wild essence or we become an agent, who like Vincent, pursues an ideal of freedom to be us, full of independence and nonconformity.

BUGS, is a show worked from the work of the same name by Miguel Torga, which aims to address fundamental questions about society and existence itself.

Humanized animals or almost animalized humans appear here in struggle with themselves, with the environment in which they live and with the Divine. Different from each other in their particularities, these animals are all part of the same Noah's Ark; site and mother earth where everyone walks in an equal struggle for life and freedom. They are human dilemmas, but shared by both men and animals in which Man is one more animal among others and does not occupy a privileged place.

In Torga, evolution alienated man from nature, condemning him to perdition and, with BUGS, travels in search of his wild essence, the purity of the instincts, calling into question God, freedom, society and the individual's relationship with them.

Thinking that none has a special place in creation, here we remember that living is not enough. Human dignity requires that life is worthwhile in full freedom; that rebellion that does not accept domestications or conformisms, is the safe way for each to find his role in the collective, without losing his freedom.

Rui Lopes Graça



Artistic Direction of AAAIDD and GDD: Henrique Amoedo

Choreography: Rui Lopes Graça

Interpreters: Aléxis Fernandes; Bárbara Matos; Joana Caetano; José Manuel Figueira; Nuno Borba; Pedro Alexandre Silva; Ricardo Meireles; Sofia Marote and Telmo Ferreira

Light design: Nuno Meira

Sound Design: Rui Lopes Graça

Masks: Robert Allsopp and Associates

Projection drawings: Carolina Caetano

Photos: Júlio Silva Castro

Essayers: Cristina Baptista and Telmo Ferreira

Mounting and light operation: Maurício Freitas

Graphic design: Melissa Corrêa / Niponica

Production support: Natércia Kuprian / AAAIDD

Achievement: AAAIDD

Co-Production: Funchal Municipal Council

Group Sousa


Duration: 50 minutes

Indicated: Greater than 3 years

Absolute debut: 01/29/2016. Municipal Theater Baltazar Dias. Funchal - Madeira - Portugal



Published at 21 September, 2017