Curated by Tânia Carvalho

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Curated by Tânia Carvalho

What are we doing?

This week we are accompanied by Tânia Carvalho who, as part of the Curatorship project, is developing a work with our company.

Black cloths, projectors, film cameras and photography... What will come out of this? Just wait a little longer, we will show you!



Dançando com a Diferença is a structure funded in the biennium (2020 - 2021) by:

República Portuguesa - XXII Governo / Direção-Geral das Artes.

Governo Regional da Madeira through Direção Regional de Educação and Direção Regional de Cultura and Câmara Municipal do Funchal.

As local supports, we have the: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts and the Júlio Silva Castro - Fotografia, Vídeo e Publicidade.

Cia. Dançando com a Diferença is the resident company at MUDAS. Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Madeira and Resident Project at Teatro Viriato, in Viseu.