Happy Island, Dancing with the Difference

Happy Island, Dancing with the Difference

When the choreographer, director and artist La Ribot arrived in Madeira at the invitation of the dance company Dançando com a Diferença, which has in its cast dancers with some kind of disability, she had an idea, but the island itself, the people and the smiles, gave her another vision of the work she was going to create. The artistic director, Henrique Amoedo thinks that the island in this performance can be an imaginary island or even Madeira.

Each of the dancers is an island. Their differences make the unity of this society that is formed on this happy island.

The dance company Dançando com a Diferença  has invited several choreographers to work in Madeira, like Paulo Ribeiro, Rui Horta, Clara Andermatt, Rui Lopes Graça or Tânia Carvalho. This time the guest was La Ribot, choreographer, filmmaker and plastic artist. This is the raw material of La Ribot that always joins, contemporary dance with performance, visual arts and video, in this case the film of Raquel Freire that is an integral part of the show, a bet by the new director of Culturgest Mark Deputer, who has known, for a long time, the work of the choreographer La Ribot.

A happy island, which can be any island, the island that each of us is, or that each of the dancers can be, intensifying the differences.


author: José Carlos Barreto

source: tsf