There is much to do for the inclusion of venezuelans

There is much to do for the inclusion of venezuelans

The MP for the PS in the Assembly of the Republic and former Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Catarina Marcelino, defended today in Funchal that there is still much to do for the people who are returning from Venezuela.

Moments before participating in a round table discussing "Citizenship and Inclusion - Public Policies for Empowerment", in the scope of the General States of PS-Madeira, the MP told reporters that answers had to be found in Madeira, that not only go through the social support that currently exist.

Referring to social assistance, Catarina Marcelino focused on the Social Security in the continent that is sending to Madeira the amount of 4 million euros so that the Regional Government can socially support people, in the ​​health area, the support is a contribution by the Government of the Republic for one million euros, fitting to the Regional Government its application and the work of proximity.

On a more comprehensive level, the socialist MP argues that society should "integrate and include these people and do not look with suspicion at them."

Asked by journalists about measures that can be taken, Catarina Marcelino pointed out, for example, the creation of local networks organized to respond to domestic violence, care responses for young LGBTI people who want to leave home or have family problems giving them support integrating society and, in schools, a citizenship educational program with NGOs.

With regard to racism and xenophobia, she considered very important to have good responses for people who come in, but also training local people, because "racism and xenophobia often come from ignorance".

The purpose of the round table was to gather contributions to build the PS government program in the area of ​​equality.

"We are interested in thinking about solutions and public policies," said Elisa Seixas, coordinator of the PS-M program for Equality.

The initiative included the contributions of associations such as, the Associação Presença Feminina, the Associação dos Amigos da Arte Inclusiva - Dançando com a Diferença, da Rede Ex-Aequo - Associação de jovens LGBTI e apoiantes and an association for support of venezuelans.


author: JM
source: Jornal da Madeira (online)