Dance group promotes inclusion in the School

Dance group promotes inclusion in the School

The "+ Inclusão Escolas" project, which will take place at the school Escola Horácio Bento Gouveia, in partnership with the Secretaria Regional da Educação, is starting today at 5:30 pm for the second consecutive year.

This initiative "has as its main objective the development of autonomy in the development of activities of daily living. This work is something intrinsic to the practices of Dançando com a Diferença and aims to complement all the activities developed in the sphere of dance”, informs the note from the Grupo Dançando com a Diferença.

Autonomy "in the development of activities of daily living is one of the basic skills for the personal and social development necessary for our activities, but mainly for the full social inclusion of our students", reads the same note.

Adds the same source that the "perception and understanding of the needs of personal care with presentation and basic hygiene, the development of routines of domestic activities, the use of public transport, time management according to the tasks to be performed are some of the examples of activities developed in the "+ Inclusão Escolas", always in an approximate context of what they find in real life”.

The autonomy training in the development of activities of daily living, that takes place at the headquarters of Dançando com a Diferença, and there are classes of Inclusive Dance in the Escola Básica 2º e 3º Ciclo Horácio Bento Gouveia, covering a total of 43 students with and without disabilities, in a partnership between Dançando com a Diferença and the Secretaria Regional da Educação.

In the first practical activity of the project, today, all the objectives and actions outlined for the 2018-2019 school year will be presented to the school community.

The Dançando com a Diferença is an entity financed by the Governo da República (Government of the Republic), through the Direção Geral das Artes, (General Direction of the Arts), and by the Governo Regional da Madeira, (Regional Government of Madeira), through the Secretarias Regionais de Educação, Turismo e Cultura (Regional Secretariats of Education, Tourism and Culture). Recently, this group of artists, who promoted with their example inclusive education, was applauded in shows performed in Switzerland and Spain, always with a full room.


source:  Jornal da Madeira