IRS Consignment!

IRS Consignment!

Dançando com a Diferença - Private Institution of Social Solidarity

NIPC: 511 275 226




The IRS consignation is a system prepared by the Ministry of Finance that allows IRS taxpayers to freely assign 0.5% of the total tax they paid to the State to an institution.

The opportunity to consign the IRS is an important method of supporting Private Institutions of Social Solidarity and Institutions of Public Utility and for many, this method of support is a way of raising funds that ensure the continuity of the work of these institutions.

The IRS tax consignment does not represent for the taxpayer any payment or additional expense, meaning only that 0.5% of the tax already paid to the IRS and paid by the taxpayer in the year to be declared will be donated to an institution in the following year.


This way instead of all your taxes going to the state coffers you can have a voice and make part of it go to our cause.


How can I give my contribution to Dançando com a Diferença?

When filling out your annual declaration of IRS - Model 3 (paper or online) in box 11, mark with an "X" in Private Institutions of Social Solidarity or Public Utility Collective Persons, in field 1101, put the NIPC (Taxpayer Identification Number) of our Association - 511 275 226 and in the space in front, mark another "X".


How does my contribution change the work of Dançando com a Diferença?


Dançando com a Diferença is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity whose work is based on promoting social and cultural inclusion through Inclusive Dance. In this way, we aim at changing the social image of people with disabilities and the quest for conquering spaces for human diversity in the professional universe of Contemporary Arts and beyond.

By contributing with the IRS Consignment to Dançando com a Diferença, you are allowing the continuity of our work in the most diverse valences, from:


Cultural and artistic aspect, with the creation of high quality dance shows with casts that integrate young people and adults with and without disabilities;

Pedagogical aspect, with the continuity of Inclusive Dance classes and workshops;

Therapeutic support, with the promotion of partnerships to improve the quality of life of young people and adults with disabilities;

Social aspect, with support work to the community and needy families;

More than just an artistic structure, the Dançando com a Diferença group seeks, through its work, to contribute to changing the lives of all those who see in its work a positive alternative.


With your support we will continue to cause and make a difference in the lives of many people!!!

Published at 10 April, 2018