"Happy Island" by La Ribot (60 mins.)

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16 Nov, 2018


Teatro Viriato

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"Happy Island" by La Ribot

A show that marks the first experience of choreographer La Ribot with an Inclusive Dance company, "Happy Island" goes beyond the limits of artistic creation, exploring a wide range of fields, ranging from dance to performance, integrating a strong cinematographic component in consonance with the strong elements of plastic arts worked along the exploration of the moving scene.

La Ribot, in "Happy Island", conceived a delirious universe of fantasy that develops around the singularity and mysticism of the Island of Madeira and its inhabitants. According to La Ribot a space with (...) Real and incarnate beings, Barbara, Joana, Pedro, Maria and Sofia and all the members of the company with their sensuality, their beauty, their sexuality, their dreams, their loves, their cruelty, their pain and their affliction. 

"Happy Island" creates a deeply human and conceptual narrative where the notions of kitch intertwine with the creation of a mythological, sexual and cabaret space.

For the group Dancing with the Difference, this work represents a great aesthetic-artistic progress in the work of the company and also a great step in the recognition of the artistic value of companies with cast members of professionals with disabilities. According to Henrique Amoedo, Artistic Director of Dancing with the Difference "the whole process of creation was very rewarding and stimulating, both for our interpreters and for La Ribot, who met the personality of each one of the performers and the encounter of the force that the island exerts on each of us as elements for this creation. It is a creation of the two companies, an aspect that can make us reach out to other audiences, further expanding the field of intervention of Dancing with the Difference. Two other aspects of great importance to highlight are the strong presence of the images of Madeira on the scene, in a film by the filmmaker Raquel Freira, which accompanies all the work and the presence of Telmo Ferreira as assistant to the choreographer throughout the creation process, a new facet in their professional life ".

HAPPY ISLAND is a production of Dancing with a Difference-Wood and La Ribot-Geneva, in co-production with Le Grütli-Center for Production & Diffusion des Arts Vivants - Festival La Bâtie - Genève and CND, National Center of the Danse - Paris and «Commemorations of the 600 years of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo» - Portugal.





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